It may seem like working in a tiny kitchen would severely limit your cooking options, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some creative thinking and efficient use of space, even a mini kitchen can provide all the space you need to enjoy cooking your favorite meals for friends and family. Here are three tips for optimizing your kitchen space to make it work for you.

1. Put It On Wheels

Adding wheels to a small kitchen island or a storage cart can give you the flexibility of bringing the item into the center of the kitchen when you need to use it, then moving it out of the way when you’re working at the stove or sink. If you have a narrow space between your refrigerator and wall, or elsewhere in your kitchen, building a custom shelf unit and putting it on swivel wheels can help you maximize the storage your kitchen offers.

2. Go Vertical

Be sure that you’re using your walls, and even your ceiling, for storage if you have limited drawer and cabinet space. You can replace your backsplash with a brightly painted pegboard, then add hooks to provide plenty of storage for kitchen utensils and small tools, such as strainers. Consider hanging a ceiling rack for pots and pans to get them out of your cabinets also.

3. Minimize Equipment

If you have tools and appliances in your kitchen that you rarely use, take them to the resale shop and enjoy the newfound space in your kitchen. If you’re worried that you’ll want that item again someday,  think of the resale shop as your offsite storage unit. You can buy a secondhand replacement for your tools in the future if you need to.

Be sure to buy tools that you can use for multiple purposes. A countertop blender is large, but a smaller immersion blender can do much of the same work. It can also blend hot dishes, such as soups, that would be difficult to transfer to a blender carafe. Instead of having separate mixing and serving bowls, buy a durable set of beautiful nesting bowls and use them any time you need a bowl.

With some clever storage hacks and the right tools, you can turn even the tiniest kitchen into a space capable of producing amazing meals. There’s no need to let a lack of space keep you from enjoying your kitchen.