Aphids are very soft insects that can be seen in different colors like gray, brown, white and yellow. They are primarily translucent and may or may not bear wings. Moreover, they are fond of plants that are juicy and soft. 

When they increase their population, the adult aphids grow their wings and tend to colonize different plants. Hence, many of them are named after specific colonized plants like cabbage aphids, potato aphids, etc. 

A significant disadvantage to humans is that they grow very rapidly and affect the entire garden. The gardener must be very particular about them and should do a regular inspection for aphids. You can also get help from a professional Nampa pest control service to get rid of aphids. 

How can one get sick from aphids? 

Usually, these species grow in the garden, so it is essential to thoroughly wash any green vegetable before consuming it, but at certain times one can accidentally consume an aphid. However, it is not harmful if someone consumes them; only a change of taste occurs from bitter to sweet. To avoid this, green vegetables must be soaked well in saltwater.  

Do these species bite humans? 

These insects have sucking mouthparts required to drain out the plant sap. They have a pair of styles for piercing through plant tissue and a well-developed salivary system. Moreover, they cannot bite humans physically, but coming in contact with them can cause rashes in people with sensitive skin. 

How to get rid of aphids? 

To prevent aphid attacks on your garden, a regular inspection must be done to catch them before it’s too late. They are very fast in multiplying and can destroy a plant very quickly. Hence, taking care of attacks at a small scale is the best method. The use of food materials like asters, mustard, and zinnias that attract aphids is also a beneficial technique to catch them by using these food products as bait. 

Low numbers of aphids are incapable of damaging a plant or affecting human beings. However, when in large numbers, these species can damage an entire plant or even kill the plant. 

A person can get rid of aphids by following the tips mentioned below:

  • Providing shelter for insect-eating birds can help a person get rid of aphids up to a great extent. 
  • Removing attractive weeds. 
  • Excessive fertilizer can give rise to leafy growth that aphids love to feed on. 
  • Use barriers to protect plants. 
  • Spraying the infected plants can also help knock off aphids from a plant.