Window Treatments, also called blinds, shades, shutters or sheers are an integral aspect of the beautification of a room. In fact, if your house is facing a severe climate change with increasing humidity, you should make use of window treatments in all the rooms. Most of us go in for very basic yet affordable window treatments like sheer paper, bamboo or linen blinds. Yet, once you start checking out the pros and cons, you will realize that these are far from adequate. Your room would be enhanced considerably if you go in for decorative window treatments of the latest types. Here are some such treatments:

Impact Resistant Clear Storm Panels – These window treatments are one of the most advanced varieties available these days. All too frequently, we see low-grade window coverings which simply cannot cope with the intense heat brought about by the sun. The fabric used in such products starts to break down after a few years. Such flimsy window treatments are prone to getting blocked, slats of bamboo or linen get bent out of shape, vinyl horizontal blinds get faded, curtains or drapes get crinkled and dented, and cellular shades degenerate or warp with prolonged exposure to the sun. You could think of investing in impact resistant clear storm panels, which are made up of PVC and polyester materials, thereby ensuring that your window treatments do not get affected.

Impact Resistant Clear Storm Panels – With the help of PVC and polyester fabrics, this storm panel variety comes with an impact-resistance feature. This means that when the wind kicks up dust or dirt, the window treatments are not going to be knocked out. Unlike regular plastic or vinyl varieties, storm panels or hurricane panels do not lose their color, they do not crack or fade, and they do not deform or get twisted when exposed to intense heat. It does not matter whether the heat is fierce or low; impact resistant covers do not get affected in any way. The result is that you can use the plastic or vinyl varieties for long stretches of time without fearing that they would go moldy or lose their color.

Long Term Benefits – If you are looking for window treatments that have a long life, then look no further than bamboo roller shades or cellular shades. Both of these varieties offer the pros and cons of both regular and impact resistant coverings respectively. Bamboo roller shades, for instance, are very durable and come at a very cheap price. They can also be used as curtains and are very light on the pocket.