Changes that are to come into place in England will help to provide landlords and homeowners with the funds to help upgrade domestic buildings with a view to improving energy efficiency across the board. The Green Homes Grant scheme will allow homeowners to apply for vouchers that are worth up to two-thirds of the upgrading process, with the maximum contribution for a homeowner in most cases, just £5,000 for changes that will increase energy efficiency and lower energy bills for the long-term of the property. Households that are on low income will also be eligible for 100% of funding assistance, up to £10,000 maximum. The vouchers will be issued after the end of September 2020.

There have been worries about fraud when it comes to rental properties, and the necessity of energy performance certificates, and this move is thought to be a way of improving large swathes of properties in terms of energy performance and efficiency for everyone, even those on low incomes. The Green Homes Grant scheme vouchers will only be available to homeowners, this includes landlords of private and social housing in England, as well as owner occupiers.

When applying for the Grant, you will need to complete a survey to access information on the tradespeople eligible for you to redeem the vouchers through, even if you already know exactly what you would like done in terms of the work on your home. When you apply for a voucher, you must include the chosen measurements and the tradespeople you wish to do the work. It is therefore important that you understand exactly what you want and who you want to complete the work before you apply for the grant, including visits from the relevant tradespeople to your home to provide quotes based on accurate measurements.

It is advised by the government that quotes should be carried out in person wherever possible, to provide the most accurate measurements and prices prior to any application process beginning. The grant scheme will only be open between the end of September 2020 and the end of March 2021, so it is important to be as organised as possible now, should you wish to have energy performance work completed on a property that you own. The work includes solid wall insulation, roof insulation, under-floor or cavity wall insulation, solar thermal heating, biomass pellet boilers and heat pumps via ground source or air source where insulation is being installed in the loft or in the walls.

The brand-new Green Homes Grant scheme in England, that is worth £2billion, is intended to provide the funding for up to two-thirds of home improvements in the country over the coming years that are intended to help improve energy saving standards. As we move into a world where sustainability is key and a move away from traditional fossil fuels, it is important that our housing is modified or built anew to reflect this shift in mindset. Accurate Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are already an essential part of the package for any homeowner, and as it becomes a legal requirement for all homeowners, it is vital that you have access to providers of energy performance certificates through fully accredited energy assessors.