Landscaping adds curb appeal to your home. Whether you have a new home with no landscaping or your current landscaping needs an overhaul, these are a few tips for creating a captivating landscape.

Focal Point

First, consider choosing one or a few focal points, such as a steel sphere fire pit, waterfall or trellis. These elements draw the eye and give your landscaping dimension and interest. Place these focal points where they can be enjoyed comfortably and safely. For example, don’t place fire pits in areas with unobstructed high winds.

Outdoor Entertainment

Pay attention to outdoor seating and entertaining areas. Large patios or decks can add to your living space. In addition, use paths to connect the areas of your yard and its focal points, including decks or patios and fire pits. Don’t forget to add lots of seating, including benches, around your property and on your decks and patios.

You may also want to add lighting. For example, you should add lighting along pathways. You may also add lighting to decks, patios and seating areas to increase your entertainment capabilities and ambiance.


Many low-maintenance yards are eliminating large lawns, but if you want lawn, consider adding borders and berms to add dimension to the lawn area. For example, you may add a flower bed outlined in simple landscaping bricks around the perimeter of your lawn. Berms also break up greenspace with interesting colors and textures. However, you want to layer these beds so the shortest plants are in the front and the longest in the back.

Vary your plant type. For example, choose some evergreens and deciduous trees. Add both annual and perennial flowers. You may also add some native plants. Avoid harsh angles and straight lines; use curved lines to add appeal.

Hide the Unsightly

Every home has areas or equipment that are not pleasant to look at, such as air conditioning units or electrical boxes. However, there are creative ways to hide these eyesores, such as building fencing or planting bushes around them. You may also build fencing to or use plants to add privacy to your yard.


You want to start small, implementing a few parts of your landscape plan at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed and your landscape does not appear crowded and unkempt. Live with each stage of the landscaping process for at least a few days before implementing the next step in your plan.

Add curb appeal and increase the usability of your yard by creating dynamic, attractive usable spaces throughout your lawn and garden areas. Enjoy your outdoor escape.