Your floor takes a large part of your house, and it’s the area you are in contact with most of the time; your foot is constantly in touch with your floor. Therefore, the appearance of your floor reflects the arrival of the whole house. It sets the theme of your home and can make your space look more appealing. Hence, choosing the type of flooring that appeals in terms of appearance, comfort, and safety is essential as you walk on the floor.

 Herringbone flooring will give you all the comfort and flooring benefits you would require in your space. The name herringbone is due to its physical resemblance to the bones of herrings fish.

Advantages of Herringbone Flooring

You can use various shapes and sizes of tiles for herringbone flooring, and you can vary the patterns  to suit a room’s design.

1.      Scratch Resistant and Stable

The herringbone floor is resistant to scratches due to hardwood and the quality finishing of herringbone flooring. The flooring is also less affected by humidity and more stable due to the back-to-back pattern of the parquets. Traditional herringbone patterns are usually from hardwood plywoods or medium-density fibreboard. These materials are perfect for high-traffic areas because they provide superior resistance to wear and tear caused by heavy furniture and foot traffic.

2.      Can Be Installed In More Demanding Areas

Herringbone flooring is a beautiful type of floor covering that’s been in use for over two centuries. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners because you can install it on all floor levels of a home and more demanding areas such as freezer rooms and garages. This type of flooring has always been very popular with artisans and art lovers because of its simple yet elegant look.

3.      Customizable

Herringbone flooring utilizes newer manufacturing technologies that allow for a greater variety of available designs. There are several ways to customize your herringbone flooring design so you can achieve the perfect result for your home’s décor. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary style, you can find several flooring manufacturers that offer a wide range of colors, wood species, and sizes.

4.      Aesthetically Appealing

Herringbone flooring provides a beautiful touch to any room’s decor. It is available in various sizes and shapes, including the more modern 12-inch by 22-inch herringbone tiles that allow for a greater variety of available designs. Herringbone floor tile has a distinct look, creating a striking pattern with its unique arrangement of shapes

5.      Flexible Designs

While herringbone flooring is one of the more traditional types, it is also becoming a popular choice for homeowners who want to bring elegance to their homes while adding an aspect of modern design. Herringbone flooring is available in many different styles and colors. Its flexibility allows for easy installation, and you can uniformly match it with many home’s decors.

6.      Easy Maintenance

The herringbone flooring has a smooth finishing; hence it’s easy to clean. You can easily clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner or using a soft broom. You should avoid using abrasive chemicals to clean the herringbone floor. However, it would be best to polish the floor every few years to keep the herringbone floor smooth and robust.


Herringbone flooring is a unique tiled pattern that offers a classic design. This traditional floor style works well with many different decorating types and has replaced stone and tile floors throughout history. The modern incarnation of this classic floor design is durable and beautiful, suitable for various applications, styles, and price points. The 3D appearance of the herringbone floor gives your floor the intensity of pattern and beauty you require.