For the unversed, stucco is a kind of wall coating that is similar to plastic. Stucco is mainly used for exteriors, and if you have seen a few stucco homes, you know that the look and aesthetic appeal stand out. Stucco is not entirely new, but what’s the fuss all about? Here’s what you need to know about stucco.

The basics

Stucco paint is particularly used to cover the exterior surface of a house, although in some designs, it can be used for interiors. There are typically four coats in stucco, each one with a purpose. The base coat is followed by a scratch coat. Next, a brown coat is used, followed by a final finish coat. The new-age stucco paints are often patented and everything can be covered in just two coats. The inclusions or materials used for making stucco are the same – Portland cement, hydrated lime, fine builder’s sand, and water. The mix, however, depends on the type of coat being used, and specific pigments are added to the final coat, where a color is desired. Once done, stucco repair doesn’t have to be expensive, which is a big advantage.

Benefits worth knowing

Stucco is not only resistant to moisture, but also to mold and rotting. It can protect your home from termites too, and depending on the overall climate and local weather, you can expect the investment to last for decades. Stucco is also a sustainable choice, and since stucco can reduce sounds, it is a great choice for those who live close to heavy traffic areas. The final look of stucco paint will remain the same, and you wouldn’t have to spend repainting the house again after a few years. You can also get a wide range of looks and finishes, which are worth considering.

Call the experts

If you want to use stucco for your home, check for all the relevant details of the shortlisted local service. For instance, the company must offer warranty on new stucco installation and extensive repairs, and they should be insured and licensed. It is also important to check the type of paint being used, so that you can be assured of the investment. Get an estimate for the stucco work, which should be inclusive of all costs and must be offered in advance.

As you may have guessed, stucco is effective and one of the better solutions for your home exteriors. Just hire the right service to get the painting work done.