Did you know that 64 millions of Americans are living with unsafe drinking water conditions? Filtering tap water used to be a luxury. But now, it is an added benefit. Our water is contaminated by contaminants from factories and underground pollution. Find out more about water filters for your home.

The water you drink, regardless of how clean it may appear, is still contaminated. Some are created by man, others are natural. Although rivers and lakes are some of the most potent natural water sources, they can still be polluted by acid rain and other pollutants.

Many homeowners are now turning to whole-home filtration systems because of these factors. These filters are also known as POE (point of entry) filters. They filter the main water line. These filters are recommended, as described in this detailed guide.

Are you really able to identify what is in your water? Let’s find the answer.

Foreign Contaminants In Our Water

Our water can contain a variety of biological, chemical and environmental contaminants. These foreign bodies are picked up by water supply pipes and supply. It is more likely to contain more than one of these substances the further it travels.


Major pathogens can lurk in your water supply. E.coli, norovirus and Giardia can all be water-borne pathogens.

Organic And Inorganic Chemicals

Lead, arsenic and nitrates as well as glyphosate and trichloroethylene can cause cancer and other serious diseases. These compounds, as well as many others, are found in runoff from landscaping, agricultural pesticides and insecticides.

Radiation poisoning and heavy metals are big issues, particularly in rural areas. There are serious health risks from arsenic and lead as well as uranium, chromium, uranium, barium and uranium.

Water Hard

Even if your water does not test positive for dangerous foreign contaminants, you might still need a water filter system. Calcium deposits buildup in the water can cause problems with water pressure and quality. Limescale deposits build up on shower surfaces and can cause damage to showerheads.

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