Are you wondering what the difference is between balusters and balustrades? Are you looking for a type of secure fencing to line your staircase, swimming pool or porch? Let’s discuss the characteristics of balusters and balustrades, so you can learn the differences.

Balusters, which can be made of stone, wood or metals such as iron or steel are vertical posts that are used in many different types of protective fencing. Balusters are the individual struts that hold up a railing. They are often tulip-shaped and vertical, although many other designs exist.

Balustrades consist of several balusters placed evenly apart and connected to a railing usually at the top. This railing often serves as a protective barrier or handrail, ensuring the safety of people walking close to the bannister. Balustrades can be found indoors or outdoors, on porches, staircases or garden terraces.

Where to Buy Balustrades Online

Retail outlets such as garden centres, hardware stores and specialist furniture shops sell an array of different types of balustrades.

For example, purchasing balustrades in Adelaide couldn’t be easier as all major cities will offer a variety of shops selling an almost infinite number of designs.

A Brief History of Balustrades

As you may guess, the origin of the word balustrades is not English. Indeed the word balustrades evolved from the French word baulstre, the Italian term balaustro, the Greek balaustion and Latin balaustium forms of the root word.

Since the beginning of dynastic China, people have been using balustrades to adorn and decorate their buildings and gardens. Buddhist Temples across ancient China used were built to exacting specifications, often using the laws of nature, such as the Golden Mean Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, when designing their buildings.

All across China, from the temples of Beijing and the forbidden City, to the Great Wall of China itself, the Chinese have demonstrated their use of balustrades as a way of organising the layout of their buildings. As time went on, many other countries created their own variations.

Common Types of Balustrades Online

Balustrades come in a variety of artistic designs and can be created to suit any type of architecture. They can be used for aesthetic or practical reasons. Many people choose to have balustrades around their swimming pool, to ensure pets and children are kept safe. Balustrades are also commonly used on staircases.