Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners take indoor air quality for granted. We often wear N95 masks while stepping out, to stay safe from pollution, but indoor air can have as many contaminants, especially without adequate attention and care. In this post, we are answering top questions about indoor air quality.

  1. Why does indoor air quality matter?

A lot of factors can impact in quality of indoor air – pollen, dirt, smoke, pet dander, and presence of microorganisms. If you have kids, pets, or senior citizens, at home, these air contaminants can affect their health considerably. Also, people with respiratory issues and allergies can have serious issues, in case indoor air quality is not maintained.

  1. How important are HVAC systems in maintaining indoor air quality?

HVAC systems can improve air quality, depending on the products being used and factors like servicing and maintenance. Talk to any company dealing in heating and cooling Salem Oregon, and they will tell you that regular servicing is critical. For example, ductwork must be cleaned of contaminants regularly, or else, the same ducts can indoor pollution. If you want a better solution, go for ductless heat pump systems, which don’t need ductwork. Ductless systems are usually recommended because of the reduced need for maintenance. Only the air filters must be cleaned from time to time, and you need a professional team for servicing the main system.

  1. How to select the right company?

If you are in Salem, Oregon, you will find a wide range of companies to choose from. Some basic things must be considered – Is the company licensed and insured? How long have they been in business? Can they handle both repairs and installations at the same time? Can they offer a maintenance contract? Are they open to offer free estimates? Make sure that you hire an HVAC service that’s reliable, has local credibility, and has good reviews. Also, no matter how small the job, always get a quote in advance and ask about relevant inclusions.

Final word

Don’t compromise on indoor air quality, and if you have been thinking of an HVAC upgrade for your home, consider ductless systems, which are not just in trend but the current norm for contemporary homes. Call a reliable company, ask them about the products that are best suited for your home, and to further improve air quality, you can always choose to add a dehumidifier or humidifier as needed.