As a homeowner, you know that remodeling and upgrading your home at some point is absolutely critical. If you are thinking of replacing existing windows, there are a wide range of options to consider. The idea is to focus on three major aspects – energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. Companies like Best Buy Windows and Siding offer options such as vinyl, wood, and metal, and in this post, we are comparing all the three choices by looking into the basic details.

  • Vinyl Windows. Vinyl has a few advantages that are hard to ignore. Firstly, vinyl windows are energy efficient, because the material is neither a good conductor of heat, nor of cold. Secondly, vinyl is inexpensive, especially if you compare it with wood. There are diverse finishes to choose from, and you don’t need to spend on painting either. There are vinyl window designs that replicate the look of natural wood, and as far as maintenance is concerned, you don’t have to do much. On the flip side, some owners may want to paint their windows, and that’s not possible with vinyl. However, these windows are easy to install.
  • Wood Windows. If you are a fan of classic looks, you can consider wooden windows, which is a great material for building and works well for different climates. Visual appeal and aesthetic value of wood are hard to replicate in the truest sense, and you wouldn’t have an issue with painting. This means, if you wish to reimagine the windows in a few years, you can always get them repainted. However, wood is prone to rotting, and further treatments may be required for maintenance.

  • Metal Windows. Metal is a great choice for windows when strength is the foremost priority. There are different styles in metal windows, but aluminum remains the most preferred one, especially for bigger windows. If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes, you can always choose metal over wood and vinyl. On the other hand, metal windows don’t fare well as far as energy efficiency is concerned, and the finish on the top of metal will change with time. Denting is also a common problem.

Now that you know the basics of different window options, talk to a reliable company and take the inputs of their experts to know what may work for your home. In general, wood and vinyl are equally popular, and it also depends on your budget.

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