When those winter winds start blowing, you probably want to be wrapped up in a blanket and cozy in your warm home with a cup of hot cocoa. If you’re home isn’t properly prepared for the season, though, you might end up with goosebumps from the chilly draft passing through your windows or doors. Before the cold sets in, there are a few things you do to make sure your home is prepared for dropping temperatures and won’t lose the heat you try so hard to keep in.

Seal Drafts

One thing to always check is the weather seal on your doors and windows. You want to make sure it’s still forming a tight seal on your thresholds so the warm air stays in and cold air stays out. During the warm summer months and over time, the seal on your door might start to dry rot or fall out of its housing. Checking these routinely can help you to always have the best chance of a warm cozy winter, not to mention keep your utility bill from skyrocketing.

Upgrade Your Storm Door

It can be nice in the spring time to leave your main door open and let a cool breeze blow through a screen door into your home. This screen, however, might make life more uncomfortable in the winter. Replacing your screen door with a glass storm door can add an extra layer of insulation and one more wind block to your home. You’d be surprised how much it can help to have just one more thin layer between you and the elements. If you’re not willing to give up the summertime breeze, though, you can always install a pane of glass behind your screen and lift it in the warmer months.

Insulate Your Attic

Heat rises, so if you’re not properly prepared all that warmth from your furnace and fireplace might only warming up your attic. To avoid this problem, you can simply roll out some unfaced insualtion on your attic floor. This keeps hot air from penetrating your ceiling and keeps it trapped in the living quarters of your home. Insulating can significantly help warm your home as well as keep your energy bill down becuase your heater doesn’t have to work as hard when heat isn’t escaping.

Winter can be a magical season, but it’s not so fun when you’re shivering indoors. Try sealing drafts in windows and doors, upgrading your storm door, and insulating your attic to keep your home warm in the winter.