Home automation has simplified how we use our gadgets, security services, and other products. While everything in the house can be automated, why not window treatments? In recent years, automated window coverings have become the new norm for residential and commercial spaces alike. If you are considering that option, do check some of the pros and cons listed below.

What is window covering automation?

In simple words, automated window coverings refer to blinds and shades that can be controlled remotely, or can have pre-set settings. Coverings can be controlled using a specially designed remote, via your smartphone, or a common remote that’s used for controlling or adjusting other home devices and appliances. You can do away with manual adjustments, and the window treatments don’t have to be boring or predictable.

Benefits at a glance

Home automation, in general, has many benefits, but automated window coverings are useful in more ways than one. First and foremost, it allows you to adjust the blinds/shades, depending on the temperature outside, time of the day and other important factors. You don’t even need to use the remote time and again – just feed the preferred settings, and the system will do its job. Advanced window coverings can work perfectly with other smart home appliances, so you can have a common hub for control.

Besides the obvious customization benefits, there are also other advantages of automating window treatments. Firstly, you can get the theme, design or look you want. Most companies that deal in such solutions will be able to offer something, which works specifically for your home. Automated window blinds also enhance your privacy and make your home more energy efficient – this means you will spend less on utility bills.

On the flip side

For obvious reasons, automated window coverings are expensive than your standard blinds and curtains. However, considering the benefits, which definitely outweigh the extra price paid, that investment is completely worth it.

Finding an installation service

If you are looking for automated window coverings, find a company that can offer custom solutions. Ask their experts for a free consultation session and discuss the home automation solutions you already have, so that can offer better ideas. Also, get an estimate in advance. The cost of automated window coverings also depends largely on the kind of mechanics and settings that the treatment has to offer.

Do check for samples and styles before making a choice.