This pandemic situation has taught us to become self-reliant. However, one thing that bothered me was to handle my work for and from home, especially, when my five-year-old superman was locked inside the house. Laundry, cooking, dusting, washing utensils, maintaining all kinds of household chores are tedious task when everybody is home. If only I could get a helping hand like dishwasher at a reasonable rate.

Then I was recommended about the Mes Electros, which is a home appliances sales company as well as a repair and service center. They provide all kinds of home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking ovens and surfaces, microwaves, etc. The company was founded in 1973 in Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada, and now serves in Victoriaville, St. Hubert, Trois-Rivieres, Granby, and Drummondville. They are a team of vibrant professionals who provide excellent advice and services over various appliances.

While filtering their wide array of dishwashers, I found a dishwasher in my budget with functions that I prefer. It was the LG stainless steel dishwasher, code number: LDP6797ST. It is a silent dishwasher that cleans utensils even at late night without disturbing your family’s sleep. It has an easy rack system which gives you the liberty of adjusting shelves while putting dishes. The QuadWash system sprays water from four directions ensuring that dishes are properly washed. They also provide a year’s guaranty and warranty.

Dishwashers aren’t only a friendly resolution during this quarantine period, but it can also be helpful in summers and winters. Who wants to soak in sweat while washing utensils on the sink, or dip their hands in cold water? However, the old school has never been convinced by the latest technologies. A debate will always start between us to see if washing utensils by hand is more appropriate than washing in the dishwasher.

Here is what I have observed while utilizing dishwasher –

  • You handle less of your dishes which increase the chances of them being safe. I was able to take out my new wine glasses because they’re being handled with care.
  • Even if you don’t wish to wash immediately, you still can place dirty dishes inside the machine, which keeps your kitchen clean and stain free.
  • Dishwashers use multiple times hot water to clean and sanitize dishes.
  • The machine uses a bare minimum of electricity. You’re in no contact with liquid detergent which keeps your hands safe.
  • Imagine that time is saved which was wasted every day on washing dishes. At least that saved time can be used in productive work or you can spend some time reading, extra sleep, or pampering your body.

There are various reasons for buying a dishwasher. There may be some other reasons that you might find beneficial. Whatever the reason is, but now I get some time at night to take a hot water bath.