When it’s time to update your swimming pool, you have plenty of options for creating visual interest and adding comfort. Think about the ways you would like to be able to use your pool, and design from there. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your design.

Update the Pool Deck

The materials you choose for the deck of your pool can really have an impact on how the entire pool area feels. Upgrading your pool deck with pool deck resurfacing Boca Raton can add elegance and beauty to your backyard. You can choose colors that coordinate with your home and blend in with your yard’s natural features for a truly cohesive look.

Improve Lighting

Focusing on the lighting in and around your pool can make a significant difference in your ability to use your pool after dark. Of course, you’ll want enough lighting for people to walk around the pool and pool deck safely, but beyond that, lighting can be used to add ambiance. Lighting in the pool itself makes swimming more fun. LED lights that can change color have become popular for pool lighting. Strings of lights hanging over the pool and seating areas make the space welcoming, encouraging people to linger and enjoy relaxing by the pool.

Bring in the Wow Factor

Adding something special to your pool can dramatically increase your enjoyment of it. Consider adding a spa to give you more options for relaxing in your yard. A spa can also allow you to use your pool area year-round if you live in an area where winter temperatures make the pool a bit too chilly for swimming. Another fun addition to your pool is a waterslide. Kids and adults can both enjoy this whimsical accessory. Creating a seating area with a fire pit is another great way to add interest and useability to your pool.

Add Plants

Surrounding your pool with tropical plants can give it a truly luxurious feel. With the right plants, you can also add a bit of shade to your pool area and increase privacy for the people using your pool. Flowering plants are great for adding pops of color, which is especially nice if your pool area is mostly neutral in feel.

With a little thought and a few key upgrades, you can make your pool area feel new and plush. A well-designed pool is much more likely to get lots of use.