There are various rodents that you may see in common in the Austin area, the most noticeable of which are rats. Kyle pest control can help you get rid of them. Both rodents can cause significant problems in homes due to their fondness for chewing and scratching items in houses. Mice and rats can chew any material, including electrical wiring, plumbing, wood, brick, which can add to costly repair bills, especially when an infestation is left to grow. 

However, rodents carry several diseases and serious illnesses such as hantavirus, tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonella. You can contract these diseases by directly experiencing mouse or rat-contaminated food and urine that the pests leave around. Rodents also bring leeches such as fleas and ticks into houses, starting their affliction and spreading their lineup of diseases. This blog will quickly run you through the steps to avoid rodents entering your homes.

How to Eliminate Rodents from Your House

Remove leftovers

The bugs are enticing to leftover food, unpacked food lying in outside areas, and liquid spilled out. To stop rodents from getting into your home, you should make an effort to seal all trash and food waste tightly and throw it away.  

Cleaning the surfaces

Cleaning food and liquid spilled on surfaces is a must. Rodents also enjoy hiding in nook and corner areas of your home and incredibly dark places such as basements, garages, and the backs of closets. Cleaning up regularly and decluttering your home and outdoor storage areas is mandatory to lessen the risk of rodents hiding in such places.

Seal the gaps

Rodents are experts at entering even at most well-maintained houses. Rodents typically enter homes by compressing through gaps in windows, doors, and roofs. You should check your home regularly and seal any possible rodent entrances with a chew-proof material such as hard cement to ensure rodents can’t get inside the houses. Rodents that hide in your backyard are likely to enter homes—removing all the unwanted outdoor stuff such as debris and trimming the grass low to deter rodents from hiding outside.

Key takeaway

So keep your home neat and clean, and if you want to get rid of rodents, the best way is that rodent protection comes from professional assistance. So make sure you take active steps even if there are only a few bugs.