Bed bugs look quite similar to dust mites and often it becomes quite difficult to differentiate between them. Both can create havoc in your life if they infest your home.

However, the infestation of either of them will result in a little different kind of signs. You must immediately call a pest control professional if you find that your house is inhabited by any of these two pests.

Let us try to understand what is a bed bug or in French, you may say qu’est-ce qu’une punaise de lit?

Bedbugs are quite small and wingless insects and they survive only on human or animal blood while they are sleeping. They can move from one room or place to another through hitchhiking. However, they cannot climb metal or any polished surfaces so easily and also not capable to fly or jump.

An adult bedbug will be about 10 mm long with a broad, oval, flat body shape and a short head. Usually, adult bedbugs can be brown but get darkened after feeding blood. Young bedbugs are also the same shape as adults, but they are smaller in size and lighter in their color too.

The eggs of bedbug are white of about 1 mm long, and often cannot be seen so easily. The female species can lay a minimum of 200 eggs during her lifetime, which is almost 2 to 4 eggs per day. Following are a few facts about them:

  • Hide in your bed

Bed bugs will usually remain hidden under your bed or sofa and during daytime, it will be very difficult to notice them easily.

  • They bite but does not spread any disease

During dark hours when you are asleep, they will come out and bite you to suck your blood. However, they do not spread any disease and you may feel little itching.

  • They prefer darkness

They do not like light and hence they will never come out during day time. They hide under the bed and will come out only after you switch off the light at night.

  • They can survive for more than two months without food

They will move from one place to another through your dress or luggage and can easily survive without any food.

Once bed bugs enter your home, it becomes very difficult to eradicate them. So, the moment you notice their presence, you must immediately call a pest control professional.