Water damage can wreak havoc on your home. It could be related to unexpected torrential rains or flooding, water leaks, plumbing fails, or sometimes, just a clogged toilet. If the situation is extreme, water damage can compromise with the structural integrity of your home, and the presence of water in the house for a long period can lead to other problems, including health issues and mold. Spending on mold remediation and removal alone can cost a lot. To avoid the same, it’s important to seek professional help as early as possible. In this post, we are discussing more on hiring the right restoration service in Nashville.

Ensure safety first

Depending on the actual situation, you may want to take a few precautionary steps first. For example, vacate the house if there is extensive flooding. Don’t try to use any of the electronic devices, and if it is safe to access the main power switch, turn it off. Make sure that pets, kids, and seniors are safe somewhere else.

Looking for restoration services

There are many companies that offer fire & water damage restoration Nashville, but before you hire one, a few things must be enquired about. Make sure that the company is licensed, insured, and has an in-house team of restoration experts. When you call them the first time, you have to share details of your location, but also ask these basic questions –

  1. How quickly can you send your team?
  2. How many people would be coming here?
  3. Are all workers insured and bonded?

A water damage restoration service in Nashville or anywhere in the US is expected to be licensed and insured. Their workers need to have insurance, because this is a job that involves considerable risk, and you don’t want to deal with unwanted liabilities.


Inspection and estimates

Finally, allow the team to check your house, find the signs and source of water damage, and once they have figured out the extent of work involved, ask them for an estimate. Any warranty, assurance on the work must be mentioned on paper, and do ask them about the kind of techniques and processes they use for drying homes. Some companies can also handle carpet cleaning, mold remediation and other related tasks, which is an advantage.

Don’t select a company because they are the cheapest in town – instead, check their work profile, ask about expertise, and get references, to know them better.